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Medium Gold Super Star Ring Tucco

Medium Gold Super Star Ring Tucco

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Discover a touch of elegant simplicity with the Medium Gold Super Star Ring Tucco. Its gold color and adjustable size make it a versatile accessory that is perfect for any occasion. The star shape and green resin add a pop of color to your look. Made in Spain by Tucco Jewelry.

All Tucco creations are handcrafted in Spain, with the highest quality in our materials and finishes.

The jewelry is made with hypoallergenic metal that has a silver plating of between 10 and 15 microns, with the gold plating being about 0.5 microns. Jewelry may have differences in micron, depending on its structure, since the bath can affect its shape, making it more or less rigid. For this reason, Tucco studies and analyzes the perfect thickness to provide each piece with the highest quality without leaving aside the different and unique design that characterizes us.

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